The Rock House

In Idaho Springs, a town within Clear Creek County is the Rock House, a youth outreach program that offers one-on-one mentoring, after school events, and therapeutic outlets for kids in need. 

Darren with the RMC Group, and his wife Deborah, have mentored kids in need for over 25 years. After settling in near Denver, Colorado, they continued to do what they love by volunteering their off time at the Rock House in Clear Creek County. The Rock House is a youth outreach program, targeting teens who suffer from family division, financial burdens, or homelessness, which is prevalent in the Clear Creek County area. The Rock House offers a fun and safe place for after school hours, where caring adults volunteer to mentor kids one-on-one.

Deborah is in charge of recruiting mentors for the Rock House and organizes the group's weekly Tuesday meetups. Mentors and teens practice life skills not taught at home and participate in fun activities their lifestyle usually couldn't afford, such as skiing, bowling, eating out, and more. The goal is to give troubled teens a glimpse at a normal lifestyle while teaching them useful life skills to help take care of themselves and obtain employment after high school. The Rock House also provides free tutoring throughout the week from professional educators and a horse therapy program every Thursday.

In Darren's mentorship position, his commitment is once a week on Tuesdays. But he and the rest of the mentors strive to create a relationship with these kids beyond normal Tuesday meetings. Darren and Deborah's phones and door remain open to their assigned teens, being there to talk after a rough family argument, or getting a call to come watch them compete in the school's basketball game. As most of the teens at the Rock House feel or are literally abandoned, Darren and Deborah are passionate about helping change these kids' lives. With a lot of listening, patience, and just being present in times of need, teens begin to open up and develop a new outlook on life for the better.

Kids in need are everywhere, and the Rock House is just one program out of thousands looking to make a difference. You can help locally by emailing to volunteer, or by donating at or